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Who are we?

Company Overview

The scarcity of Information Technology (I.T) services which are right-sized for the emerging markets of Africa resulted in the incorporation of a technologically driven enterprise to help businesses acquire hardware through financed models and to deploy solutions that align the IT investment cycle to business strategy. The growing number of SMEs in Zimbabwe and the region that experience operating complexity due to the misalignment of technology investments and business processes, require strategic technology consulting services to enable them to grow whilst at the same time being able to maintain control over the operations of the organisation

Fiscal Support Services (Private) Limited has come to fill this gap in the market and has collectively over 48 years of Information Technology Support experience vested in its staff and partners. Our staff have had hands on experience in Botswana; Zimbabwe; Namibia; Kenya and South Africa dealing with blue-chip customers like Anglo American Corporation Zimbabwe, Debswana, Orapa mine, and Jwaneng mine, just to name a few.

About Us

Fiscal Support Services Private Limited is company owned by former employees of First Computers. Fiscal Support Services Pvt Ltd has been reliably supporting fiscal devices supplied by First Computers for the past four years since First Computers closed down handed over its business to Fiscal Support Services. We have gained valuable experience in this industry and we have a collectively more than 25 years’ experience in fiscal devices support amongst our staff members. More than 75% of our staff members have had hands on experience of supporting fiscal devices since the launch of the project in Zimbabwe. We are already supporting more than 1 000 category C clients’ fiscal devices

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we will:

Our Values

Whilst focused on delivering on the business imperatives we believe the journey is as important as the destination. To this end we will achieve the above vision with:
Integrity with all our stakeholders in all our actions

We will consistently align our actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes to our values. Integrity is the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one's actions.

Passion for people, technology and for the work we do

We will visibly show unusual excitement and enthusiasm for our people, customers, partners and our technology. Passion is an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something...

Continual Self improvement

We are committed to building our people, technology and society at large through continuous learning and self-improvement mechanisms. Improvement of one's abilities, mind and status by one's own efforts. Change starts from within, moving you consistently towards a deeper understanding and competence

Taking on big challenges

We will take on complex business and technology projects, which challenge and stimulate our capacity to deliver, and we will see them through. A challenge is a test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking heroes happen at Fiscal Support Services.

Being accountable

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honouring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality. Accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation and encompasses the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.

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